Writers: RG Ingersoll T.lupton  C.Creath

 Producer: RG Ingersoll

 Musical Arranger: John Palmore 

 Vocals: Diane & RG * Lori K Johnson * Patti Ester * 

 Additional Over Dub's: John Palmore (Keys) Lane Cameron Gt/Keys

 Mastering: Lane Cameron Music Service

 Graphics: Deb Clinton  

 Reno Production Team: Ken Smith, John Palmore, Lane Cameron, Patti Ester, Lori K Johnson, Tony

 Los Angles Production team: Ken Smith Rob Heman Vic Foxx Bobby Hanes Vicki Ellis      




Credits: "Something" 

Writers: RG Ingersoll T. Lupton  C. Creath 

Producer: RG Ingersoll

Musical Arranger: John Palmore

Vocals: Diane Anderson Patti Ester Simona Savoy

Additional Over Dubs: John Palmore Keys & lane Cameron Keys

Mastering: Lane Cameron Services

Graphics: Deb Clinton  

Reno Production Team: Ken Smith John Palmore Patti Ester Simona Savoy

Los Angles Production team: Ken Smith Rob Heman Vic Foxx Bobby Hanes Vicki Ellis        




CREDITS:"Thousand Shadows" 

Writers: RG Ingersoll /Jon Morano/ Pat Posen

Producers: RG Ingersoll / Ken H Smith

Arrangement: Pat Posen /RG Ingersoll

Lead Engineer: Roger Dollaride

Engineer: Rob Heman Lane Cameron 

Band: Jeff Holman (Drums) Scott Lipsker (Bass) Bob Rafkin (Ld GT) Jon Morano (Rth Gt) Holden Raphale (Congas) Pat Posen (Piano) RG Ingersoll (Rhodes) Lane Cameron (Syth Pad /Tamborine)

Diane Anderson (Lead Vocals) Vicki Cunningham, 3 Girls 3 & Jill Michaels (Background Vocals)

Musical Contractor: Frank Candoli

The Hotrax Production Team: Project Director /Creative Services: Ms. Debby Clinton

Team Coordinator/Publicists: Kenneth H Smith

Tape Transfer/Discovery Mix: Rob Heman & Vik Foxx

Tape Restoration: Robby Digital

Mastering: Lane Cameron/Cameron Studios Reno NV

Vinyl Transfer: Skip Gilette

Special Thanks to those who have believed in this Project from its Beginning. Debby Clinton, Kenny Smith, Rob Heman, Clif & Sharon Cates, Billy James Wilson, Prentiss Anderson, Doc Severinson Horns, The L.A. Strings, Gwen Gordy Fuqua, Anna Gaye Gordy, Steve Scott, GC Cameron (Spinners & Temptations), Jobette Music Co., Paramount Recording Studios of Santa Monica, Ca., Motown Record Corporation, Nicole Morano, Joni L. Woodworth, Scott Monroe

*Dedicated to the Memories of Gwen Gordy Fuqua, Lee Rogers, Jon W. Morano, Norman Whitfield and Ron Miller

Hotrax Mascot: Paso Jack 

Note- Additional Credits Pending....

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