Our story has developed into a Mystery, and now into a Search, for our singer Diane Anderson who just Vanished after recording this song. Note, a few days prior to her signing a major Record Contract with Motown Records? This was her last Performance and she has been missing since the Mid 80's. We had assume she quietly left the Music Scene for a family  life style instead?

Her family & friends have been looking for many years but there has been no contact at all. We hope that this Record may help find her alive, or help bring Joy or Closure to her family who need to know something? We are still waiting for info from any source on This mystery story.

Our latest clue was Her Mother traveled to Los Angeles, California to find her two times with the help of the LAPD over 20 yrs ago and still not a trace. Shortly later her Mother passed away,leaving her Father now in a Rest Home very ill still waiting for word of her. Her last known whereabouts was in LA attending a trade school class when she appeared to have been beaten severely, missing teeth with bruised eyes according to an eyewitness.


She was known to attract very jealous and Possessive types, who were Violent and wanted to control her entire Life and Career, knowing she was the next Star for Motown Records and the Music World. She came to LA as a former back ground singer with Edwin Starr and lived in the Toledo, Ohio area.  


 We had a few encounters with her boyfriends during our Productions on "Thousand Shadows" and Producing her other songs. At one point we were instructed to guard her in safe hiding until the Recording sessions were finished and she was signed! She had Now...become a HOT commodity during these sessions and outside Labels were making offers trying to pull her away from our productions and Motown.

UPDATE: Our Record "Something" has Found the Family of Diane Anderson they last saw her in LA. 30 yrs ago Leaving in Cab & just married about a week later her new husband leaves a note on the door looking for her she is still MIA ? The Family is getting the Police File now and has set up a webpage DIane Anderson Project on FB.

WE can only hope that her Next record "HIdeaway" will find her after its Release ?   


We will be posting additional Info/updates about this mystery as they come in and can only hope that her Records (Thousand Shadows Something,Hideaway ) will find her somewhere, somehow. DO YOU KNOW THIS VOICE? If you know of her or her whereabouts or any info on her,

                                           Please! Contact us at

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