R.Ingersoll /J.Morano / P.Pozen


 Today’s music has been going in various directions, so we revamped the Song to meet 21st Century markets. Our 32 Trks Production has the warmth of Real Strings/Brass, driven by a solid Rock Bottom.

Then we added our Exciting new R&B Vocals accented by Flaming Rock Guitars Runs, We have created a Stealth Dance Groove (6:18) that sweeps you in and then Takes you away.

The Song it self has a very inspiring message, that Motivates one's inner self, And a great work out Song but the Real message from this Song is aimed at having faith in your self & and Dreams do come True. 

 RG's All Nite Funk Band was a Motown Vision under the Guidance of the late Gwen Gordy Fuqua, one of the Founding Family Members of The Motown Sound. This song and "Go For It Sucker” both became world wide Airplay Hits in the late 80's, and they are still selling as Collector Records Today.

Some Said: The Band Style and Songs were ahead of their time and this may have been their down fall. Their sound blended with a Fleetwood Mac flavor, and a Soulful Vocal with a little Pop feel and their R&B Bottom was unique but, still was risky biz to try on the air waves in those days..


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